For more information on how you can become involved in any of these programs or services,
please contact Jessie Marlowe, Prevention Director at (843) 365-8884 Ext 244.

  • Information Dissemination: Provide educational presentations to various groups in the community and participate in health fairs/community events, giving out educational information.
  • Presentations include:  Surviving the Teen Years, Power of Parents, Choices for a Change, Marijuana: The Blunt Truth


  • Merchant Education Program-3.5 hrs
  • Prevention staff trained to provide
  • Provide to those who violate alcohol laws, or to anyone who sells alcohol or tobacco and are interested in learning the laws and liabilities associated with serving alcohol to minors and overserving to adults


  • Tobacco Compliance Checks with outlets in Horry County
  • More of a study, no penalties involved
  • Number of establishments visited determined every year by DAODAS


  • Checks with establishments in Horry County that sell tobacco
  • Work with law enforcement


  • 15th Circuit AET-Covers Horry and Georgetown Counties
  • Conduct compliance checks to outlets that sell alcohol-work with law enforcement and SLED
  • Conduct casual contacts-information dissemination of 10 minutes or more to businesses or community members
  • Conduct Fake ID/Bar Checks-Check for underage violations with fake IDs and check for licensing of establishments (special licenses, no liquor license, etc.)
  • Conduct party dispersals
  • Media Releases


  • Awarded to the Horry County CAST Coalition, Shoreline BHS is the fiscal agent
  • Two substances addressed:  alcohol and marijuana-specifically for youth
  • Action Plan
    • Attends national and state trainings related to alcohol and marijuana
    • Host Annual Sporting Event between teens and law enforcement
    • Conduct compliance checks in Horry County
    • Provide Press Releases on Compliance Checks and other efforts
    • Provide PREP to outlets in compliance
    • Sticker Shock Campaign-have youth place stickers/hangers on prom dresses, corsage packages, etc. reminding everyone that underage drinking is illegal
    • Meets with businesses and alcohol outlets to display state law signs in windows or near registers
    • Develops and maintains interactive website with educational information about marijuana and alcohol
    • Researches and obtains current and appropriate educational material for website and distribution to the community
    • Updates social media sites
    • Implements Project Prom
      • Provide National Presenter to participating schools and youth groups
      • Provide crashed car on site at participating schools
      • Provide educational material to all students at participating schools
      • Publicize Project Prom on media sites


Partnership For Success (PFS) is a 5 year grant awarded to Shoreline through SAMSHA that addresses underage drinking and prescription drug use among youth ages 9-20. PFS funding will be used to set up take back events and purchase Deterra materials to assist with proper disposal. Staff will also be providing Academic Detailing which is a training designed to work with medical practitioners on proper prescribing methods. Shoreline will partner with law enforcement agencies to set up public safety checkpoints and party dispersals. PFS staff are available as a resource for opioid and alcohol related education or trainings. For more information please call the Prevention Department at 843.365.8884.


  • Board of community members to bring together resources for women and children in Horry County


  • Board of youth who address drug/alcohol issues in Horry County


  • Develops relationships with and provides educational information to OBGYNS, physicians, etc.
  • Researches, orders and organizes most promotional and educational material for the agency
  • Marketing-assists in the development of most marketing material for the agency


For more information visit:

  • Developed by Shoreline staff in September of 2010
  • Consists of the following members:  Shoreline prevention staff, 9-15 law enforcement officers (have their own sub-committee), assistant solicitor, faith based sector, youth, parents, Safe Driving School, Horry County School District, Coastal Carolina University Prevention Director, Waccamaw Mental Health, Horry County E911, Lighthouse, volunteers, A Father’s Place, Grand Strand Medical Center, Solicitor’s Intervention Office and more
  • Mission:  The mission of the HC CAST Coalition is to address public health issues through promotion, coordination and support of new and existing programs. The coalition consists of members representing a variety of professional and social groups which have come together to problem solve and make improvements to our community.
  • Vision:  The vision of the HC CAST Coalition is that Horry County will be a safe and healthy environment for individuals and families to live, work and play.


The Palmetto Retailer’s Education Program (PREP) is a short course that helps reduce underage access to alcohol and tobacco products in our communities, while lowering the liability risks for businesses and their employees. PREP is available for managers and servers/sellers in all 46 counties in South Carolina.

Approved by the Department of Revenue and the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services, PREP is the only merchant education program available in South Carolina that covers all of the following:

  • Off-Premise Alcohol Sales Practices
  • On-Premise Alcohol Sales Practices
  • Tobacco Sales Practices
  • Development of Manager/Supervisor Sales policies


Shoreline’s Challenge Ropes Course is designed to promote and develop cooperation, communication, trust, and problem solving skills. We have a variety of low ropes and high ropes elements that help individuals overcome fears, anxiety, insecurities, depression, and anti-social behavior. Whether you are a school group, corporate office, or somewhere in-between, we have a program for you! The goal of our program is to educate participants on problem substance use and substance use disorders, and transfer learning from the ropes course to their everyday lives. Our course is operated by a team of facilitators that are certified and well trained. For more information about our ropes course please contact our Ropes Course Facilitator, Judon Rice, at  (843) 365-8884 ext. 242.


  • Certified Prevention Specialists coordinate and/or deliver community education through group presentations and participation in health fairs. There are programs designed for individual skill development to raise the awareness of individuals who are regarded as being at a higher risk of being in conditions that have been linked to an increased risk of problem substance use or addiction.
  • Certified Prevention Specialists work to foster partnerships and collaborative efforts that increase the factors that lessen the likelihood of adverse consequences from substance use or addiction.
  • Contact the SBHS Prevention Department at 843.365.8884 ext. 244.