The Women’s Recovery Center (WRC) is a residential treatment service operated by SBHS that provides comprehensive treatment services to women with psychoactive substance abuse/dependency problems who are at risk of losing their children to foster care. The WRC’s goal is to provide a healthy recovery environment while giving residents the skills they need to remain alcohol and drug free and become better parents. Family involvement is a significant component of long-term recovery, and WRC staff will encourage family involvement and support. Peer support services also are considered an integral part of the recovery process and will be provided to all residents.


Shoreline offers services that specifically address the needs of women who have substance related problems. Intensive outpatient services are offered in a group setting several times per week. This program focuses specifically on identifying addiction as a disease, the process of recovery and relapse prevention planning. In addition, the relationship between trauma and substance abuse is addressed and group members are given an opportunity to learn and utilize effective ways to deal with this trauma. An aftercare program for women is also available once per week for clients who are stepping down from the intensive outpatient program, but want to focus on maintaining their recovery. For more information, please call (843) 365-8884 ext. 213 or send us an email.

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