Medical University of South Carolina partners with Shoreline Behavioral Health Services to introduce clinical trials.

Clinical Trial 1: Impact of Lofexidine On Stress, Craving and Opioid Use

The purpose of this study is to see if the medication Lofexidine paired with Buprenorphine or Methadone is effective at reducing stress response and opioid use. Participants will take medication throughout the study, visit the clinic three times a week (in-person and virtually), and participate in surveys sent through an iPhone app. The study is approximately seven weeks long and is open to participants aged 18-65. There is compensation for your time.

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or contact the Program Manager, Lisa Nunn, MS, CCRP at 843-792-0476 or

Clinical Trial 2: Medication Treatment For Opioid Use Disorder In Expectant Mothers (MOMS): A Pragmatic Randomized Trial Comparing Extended-Release And Daily Buprenorphine Formulations

The primary purpose of this study is to compare extended-release buprenorphine to sublingual (under the tongue) buprenorphine in pregnant women with opioid use disorder. The study will look to see if the extended-release is more effective than sublingual buprenorphine in reducing opioid use and improving newborn outcomes. We are looking to recruit pregnant women who are between 18-41 years old; are between 6-30 weeks pregnant and are not planning to terminate the pregnancy; have opioid use disorder, and willing to enroll in outpatient buprenorphine treatment. Participation in the study would last between 13 and 21 months total with up to between about 63-102 total visits, including weekly medication check visits and research visits. There is compensation for your time and travel.

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or contact the Study Coordinator at 843-614-9510 

Clinical Trial 3: Clinical Trial Network’s (CTN) Optimizing Retention, Duration and Discontinuation Strategies for Opioid Use Disorder Pharmacotherapy (RDD)

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