Shoreline Behavioral Health Services’ staff practices the principles of Trauma Informed Care (TIC). This means that we focus on understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of trauma. We do this by being mindful of our actions, words, or practices that may make a person uncomfortable or afraid due to a negative memory or experience. The elements of TIC are:

Safety: ensuring physical and emotional safety
Trustworthiness: being reliable, making tasks clear, maintaining appropriate boundaries
Choice: prioritizing patient choice and control
Collaboration: including sharing of power with patients
Empowerment: prioritizing patient empowerment and skill-building

Shoreline BHS staff want you to feel comfortable and safe here; and we want to respond to any issues that make you feel uncomfortable. If you have any interactions with a staff member, volunteer, or visitor that concerns you, please share this with your counselor. If there is anything about our building or grounds that can be improved, please share this with your counselor also.