Fees for all services are listed on the SBHS Fee Schedule. Fees for service are due and payable in full when the service is received. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit/debit cards. Please notify the receptionist if you have Medicaid or health insurance coverage. If your Medicaid/Insurance benefits change or are discontinued while you are in treatment with us, please notify our office at once so that we can work with you on payment options.

If you are unable to pay your bill at the time of service, or if you desire to make payment arrangements, please notify the front desk staff or your counselor and we will arrange for a financial assessment of your ability to pay for services.

SBHS does not refuse services to clients who are unable pay for services. Clients who are unable to pay must provide documentation of household income by providing one of the following items:

  • Most recent income tax return
  • Wage statements from the Social Security Administration
  • Statement from the Employment Security Commission
  • Copy of paychecks with legally required information or other such information as required by Shoreline BHS

Information related to monthly expenses and monthly income from other sources are also considered. These include SSI, AFDC/Food/Housing Assistance, Child Support, Alimony, Legal Settlements and CDs/Trusts/Stocks and Bonds. Monthly expenses may be documented through receipts, cancelled checks or money order copies. A list of dependents, their ages, and others living in the household is also required.

If you are unable to meet the payment arrangement originally agreed upon, we will renegotiate with you a manageable payment plan based on your documented income. In our ADSAP program, payment in full is a legislative requirement prior to the return of your license, so extending the payment period will extend the delay in reinstatement of SC licensure. Statements are mailed monthly from SBHS to keep you informed of your total outstanding balance and you can also speak to one of our billing specialists anytime for balance information and any other questions regarding your bill.

In the event that outstanding fees are due (and no good faith effort has been made to pay for services rendered) SBHS contracts with the SC Department of Revenue to recover outstanding fees. SBHS currently participates in the Debt Setoff/ Governmental Enterprise Accounts Receivable (GEAR) Collections Programs, which are administered through the SC Department of Revenue. Failure to pay according to the established fee agreement may result in collection efforts such as setoff of state income tax refunds, garnishment of wages, levies against bank accounts and levies against savings and properties.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, we ask that you call within 24 hours to cancel your appointment. Twenty-four hours is requested in order to allow SBHS to schedule another person for the cancelled appointment time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.