Does my Medicaid pay for everything?

They will verify that in our billing dept. If there is a problem, such as in process of renewal, they will speak to you before you meet with the clinician. This will not stop you from being seen or receiving services. You will be put on a self-pay plan. No Insurance, Medicaid or private, pays for drug screens. You will be responsible for payment per payment plan.

I have Insurance, does that pay for everything?

That all depends upon your personal policy. Billing will verify that before you leave and you may speak to them if you have any questions.

If it doesn’t help with the cost that will not stop you from receiving services. You will just be put on a self- pay payment plan.

How much does this cost?

Everything is individually based tailored to your needs. So that is all dependent upon the services received.

How much do I need to pay up front?

We ask that you pay as much as possible the first visit. A payment plan will be set up for you during the Initial paperwork.

What is an assessment?

The Assessment is like an evaluation. You will talk about what brought you here, and then between the you and the clinician, You will determine your next step.

How long does the assessment take?

Generally, around an hour or so.

Do you do medical detox here?

We aren’t a medical facility but we can help you facilitate getting into a medical detox. Then if you wish you can come back to Shoreline for Outpatient services.

How long do I have to attend services?

That is based upon your Assessment, needs and/or the requirements of your referral source.

Do I have to come here for services?

All of our services are voluntary. Shoreline does not force anyone to come into our services. However, if there is a referral source and you have started services then stop. We are obligated to let them know. You have the right to refuse or withdraw from services at any time without affecting re-entry at a later time.

I understand you have a women’s facility can I go there?

There are certain criteria that has to be met for the WRC. Medicaid clients with dependent children, that have lost or are in danger of losing to foster care. We can take your number and ask them to call you or we will be happy to give you their number.

Do you provide Transportation?

Shoreline does not provide Transportation but if there is a referring agency they may be able to make a suggestion.

Medicaid recipients may call with a three day notice and Medicaid will provide transportation.

Coast RTA is the local bus transit. You can reach them for scheduling and fare information at 843-488-0865.

There are individual Taxi services available.

If I miss a class can I just come to the next one?

It depends the level of care and the circumstances, please call 24 hrs. in advance and we will be happy to reschedule the next class for you.

Can anyone call and get my information?

You are protected by the HIPPA and Confidentiality laws. Shoreline does not share your information with anyone without your written consent. With the exception of suspected child abuse or neglect.

To report a crime committed on agency property or against agency personnel or due to a medical emergency.

Can my family member come to counseling too?

Absolutely, we offer many various Family Services.


How do I enroll in ADSAP?

If the only state involved is South Carolina, then you need to bring in a current (within the last 30days) driving record. From the DMV with the offense on it. ID, SS and Medicaid or Insurance card.

Will my Insurance or Medicaid pay for ADSAP?

We ask that you bring your card in and we can check with your provider. It may help with costs but does not always do so.

What if the offense isn’t on my driving record?

We cannot enroll you in SC ADSAP without the offense on the driving record. With the exception of a order from the court to enroll within 30 days. We still will need you to monitor your driving record and bring that in when the offense shows up on it.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

No, we do ADSAP enrollment on a walk-in basis Mon-Wed between 10am -2pm, and Fri. 9am-12:30pm.

What if I got the DUI offense in another state?

If you are wanting to take the course here in SC, contact the other state involved and ask them to send you the requirements of that state. If another state and SC are both involved you will have to satisfy both states.

If you want to take the program in the state you reside in you may and if SC is also involved we can give you a number you can call for Interstate ADSAP. They will tell you what you will have to do to satisfy SC in your state.

How much will the ADSAP program cost?

For strictly SC involvement it ranges anywhere from 500.00 to 2500.00. Depending upon the level of care. If there is another state involved fees are individually based upon services received

Can I get a Temporary or Provisional License?

We don’t make that decision but it is a possibility depending upon your situation. Shoreline will send your Enrollment form to the State after your assessment. It will take them 7-10 business days to key it into the DMV’s system. Once the ADSAP Enrollment shows up on your record you can go to the DMV to see if you qualify.

Can I just take a form to the DMV?

No, there is a process that must be followed in which it has to be keyed in by the State office to show up in the DMV’s system. Until then the Local DMV offices have no documentation of enrollment.

How long is the ADSAP course?

That is dependent upon the level of care. From 1-4 times a week, anywhere from 8wks. on.

So when I finish can go and get my license?

You have one year from the date of your enrollment to continue paying your balance. Once you are successfully complete and paid in full, then we will send your completion into the state. Failure to pay within the year will result in a change to unsuccessful.