Safe, At-Home Medication Disposal

If you would like to dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications in the comfort of your home, Deterra packets are available.

Deterra pouches contain a water-soluble inner pod containing proprietary MAT12® activated carbon. Once the drugs are placed in the pouch, warm water is then added, which dissolves the inner pod releasing the activated carbon. Deterra works on pills, patches and liquids, allowing them to be adsorbed by the carbon, rendering them inert and non-retrievable. Deterra is an environmentally friendly, low cost and safe way to get rid of unwanted pills, liquids and patches at home and in a clinical and public setting.

Call us at 843-365-8884 or email us to find out how you can get free Deterra packets (while supplies last). We have most sizes in the pouches and can mail these to your home, or you can pick them up at our agency.

Medication Storage

Here is useful information from the CDC on safely storing medication.


If you are interested in lockboxes for your medication, we have limited availability that are free to Horry County residents (while supplies last). Call us at 843-365-8884 or email us to find out our lockbox availability.

Drug Safety Information

Valuable drug safety information can be found on the justplainkillers site.

Horry County Drop Box Locations

Help Stop South Carolina’s Opioid Epidemic

We have 20 LOCATIONS in Horry and Georgetown County where
you can properly dispose of medications.

Georgetown County Drop Box Locations

  • Walgreens

    2872 S. Highway 17,
    Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
    (843) 357-3985