Shoreline Behavioral Health Services adheres to the established Code of Ethics for addiction professionals developed and endorsed by NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals.  You can go here for the NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics.  You can also click this link to download a PDF version of the NAADAC Code of Ethics.

You have the right to make decisions on all the healthcare you receive even if you are not able to physically tell your healthcare provider due to injury or illness.  Click on the link to learn more about Advance Directives and how you can go about setting up a Living Will or a Health Care Power of Attorney.  Letting someone know your wishes before an incident happens is the best way to ensure that you get the healthcare that you desire and that others are not making decisions for you against your wishes.  Please let one of our staff know if you have any questions about Advance Directives.  We are happy to help!